True Spirit is a fabricated school uniform company. The challenge is to create a website for them that offers updated uniform fashion, provides a "must-haves" checklist from the school administrator, recommends allowed accessories, and encourages visitors to express their tastes.

  • 2 weeks at General Assembly
  • OneNote, Axure, UXSort

Competitive analysis, user flows, personas, card sorting, site map, wireframes, user testing, low and high fidelity prototypes


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Design Process

Step 1: Familiarization

I begin with a Competitive Analysis of other school uniform companies. A collection of screenshots are redrawn and analyzed to learn about their similarities and differences. Features that are particularly useful for my problem as well as features I find cumbersome are noted.

I create a User Flow from the perspective of a father who wishes to buy pants for his daughter. To empathise with him as a real person, I create an imaginative sketch.

Another User Flow of how I would expect to check out my item(s) helps to visualize this process.

Personas are provided by my instructor and serve as references that I continuously refer to in my design process.

Step 2: User Research

I request classmates and friends to perform Card Sorting for all types of items to be sold by True Spirit. UXSort gives me a calculation of the average categorical expectation.

Step 3: Making Sense of My Findings

I create a Site Map that reflects my findings from both the competitive analysis and card sorting results.

I begin with Wireframing the detail page to work from the inside-out.

More Wireframes are then created.

Step 4: User Testing

User Testing is done within early versions of the clickable prototype itself. Newer versions were regretably saved on top of them each time an iteration was made.

Step 5: The Solution

A completed clickable Prototype is created in Axure for purchasing a girls top.