Scholastic is looking to increase at-home reading engagement for children age 3-12 through the utilization of role models and technology.

  • 2 weeks with 3 UX designers at General Assembly
  • OneNote, Axure, Omnigraffle, Copic markers, whiteboard, Google Drive, paper and post-it notes
My Roles

Competitive analysis, affinity mapping, user surveys and interviews, personas, spider diagrams, paper prototypes, high fidelity prototype


A reading application for the iPad that allows role models to record book readings for the child.

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Design Process

Step 1: Discovery

A Competitive Analysis of similar companies is created to guage what features one might expect from Scholastic.

We utilized Affinity Mapping to organize what questions we had in order to prepare for conducting interviews.

Step 2: User Research

Surveys about 3-12 year old children and their reading habits are sent out.

Interview subjects included parents, kids 3-12, teachers, Apple employees, and childrens book sellers.

Four Personas are generated that best encompass the users we encountered. Kitty, Matt, Kate, and Thomas are referred to throughout the solution finding process.

Step 3: Identifying the Goals

A Spider Diagram is drawn to narrow down the goals.

Through the spider diagram, a table of business and user goals are discussed and identified.

Step 4: Finding a Solution

The team and I run a Design Studio to quickly hash out some ideas for solutions.

From our ideas, we plot out the cost and importance of desired features to create a minimum viable product for our first stage of iteration.

Based off of our personas, we create User Flows to begin to think about the arrangement of the site map.

A Site Map is born.

Step 5: Testing

Paper Prototypes are created for many rounds of "Wizard of Oz" testing.

We create higher fidelity Wireframes through what we learn from testing.

Step 6: The Solution

We created a reading application for the iPad that allows role models to record book readings for the child. A Prototype is created with Axure that follows the user flow of a role model who creates a recording of Charlotte's Web.